Meet Brigette

I am bi-cultural and bilingual. My Dad was Italian-American and my mom is Puerto Rican. I am originally from New York City. I "tawk" with my hands, I am unapologetic and I love human beings. 

My abuela carried her Taino heritage with her but I had no idea until now what this meant. Now I get that all the woo-woo spiritual stuff I am into is actually in my DNA!

I am fired up about connecting and accelerating diverse purpose-driven business leaders to make an impact and make a living while remaining in balance and in service to people and planet. 

Leadership Connection Acceleration

Join My Community of Value- Driven Entrepenuers and
Generate More Revenue While Creating a Positive Impact on the World

I curate deep connections, networking opportunities and safe spaces to accelerate one another’s careers and projects. I design programs and initiatives that put people first and build the capacity of individuals and groups to initiate positive change and contribute their full value.

My work has spanned three continents and ten countries, and I have worked with social enterprises, accelerators, non-profits, government institutions and academia. I have led hundreds of group workshops and delivered training and coaching in both English and Spanish. My mission is to make deep authentic connections with people from widely diverse backgrounds.

Some of my favorite projects have included:

  • Leading initiatives to promote civil society and economic development from the ground up.
  • Empowering local leaders in Latin America to shift the social and economic condition of their communities.
  • Recruiting and mentoring leaders from diverse sectors for multi-stakeholder change management initiatives that address the negative impacts of mining and extractive industries.
  • Building programs that support educators in helping children learn a second language and becoming global citizens that care about people beyond their borders.
  • Accelerating diverse international entrepreneurs at UC Berkeley Extension.
  • Coaching business leaders to become great speakers, instructors and mentors.
  • Building partnerships and co-designing courses that promote social entrepreneurship, equitable and ethical business practices and intercultural awareness.

My work is grounded in emotional intelligence, a strong lens around equity and inclusion and a deep commitment to intercultural communication and collaboration. 

Changing the world for the better is serious business, and we CAN remain playful, curious and abundant so that we can be sustainable as we move along our path.