The Disruptive CEO Circle

The Disruptive CEO Circle is for you if you have a big mission and an audacious vision to create massive impact.

You want to make more money to create more good in the world, care for yourself, live an abundant life and pay it forward. 

You know that with a bigger platform, more money and more freedom, you will create more change.

You want your business to get easier and more sustainable over time. 

You don't want to have a million things on your plate. 

You're tired of feeling like you're trying to do too many things. 

You want a streamlined, solid sales process that results in ideal clients signing up for your offers. 

You want to focus on the right hard things to scale your business. 

You want to set your business up for long term sustainable growth and sales.

You want to attract ideal clients who are a perfect fit that get great results with you.

You're tired of doing it alone. You're done with bullshit capitalist rugged individualism.

You want culturally intelligent, nuanced coaching that centers your identity and lived experience.

Scale high ticket Sales with systems and soul 

An inclusive social impact model and an aligned partner community 

Embrace Relaxed, Profitable Launches and Evergreen Sales

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Enter the Disruptive CEO Circle  to Scale $ales

Scale your high ticket sales with high impact events and activities that do not perpetuate toxic capitalism and allow you to build your business in a sustainable way.

You care about equity, impact, and restorative justice.

You want to spend less time to create more revenue,

pay your team well and build a truly inclusive business model

The Disruptive CEO Circle 

Hybrid Individual & Group Coaching Program

Mastermind Community

This program is for you if you are done with hectic, stressful launches

You do not want to spend all day on social media, or do cold  outreach

You are getting burnt out from doing too many things

You want a support team and systems that let you take your hands of the wheel

Your events or content are not converting to lots of high ticket sales

You are ready for things to be easier, repeatable and result in more sales 

You want to make it easier for people to make the decision to invest

You do not want to create a pushy, salesy bro marketing webinar

You love other humans, you desire deep connection and intimacy

You want sales to flow with ease without doing things that feel shady. 

You want events that enroll multiple clients without a million sales calls,

cold DMs or other things that waste your time and energy

This is a very high touch and intimate VIP level program.

It is a 6-month commitment to scale your impact and your sales

with Systems, Support and Soul-Aligned Strategies

You will receive fiercely compassionate coaching, strategic advising and mentorship

Over six months (6) I will work with you to: 

1. Dial in your messaging, offer suite, launch and sales systems

2. Develop strategies to scale your time and impact

3. Create bigger launch sales with less overwhelm

4. Lead your team or get administrative support by building a sales system

5. Cultivate the energetics and mindset to scale without toxic hustle or burnout

6. Leverage my network and develop aligned joint venture and win-win partnerships

As a member of The Disruptive CEO Circle, you will receive:

Access to the Group Coaching Session each month

Voxer or Whatsapp voice memo and email support Monday - Wednesday

Zoom call recordings of all sessions

FREE access to the Evergreen Speak to $cale course 

**Special events and guest expert sessions**

*guaranteed coaching love seat each month for you or a team member! 

A full audit of systems, offers, social media, launch events and all content assets

Access to my network and events as a guest speaker or expert

Joint partner and affiliate opportunities to co-promote events and offers

**a % of your investment sponsors decolonized social impact initiatives in Puerto Rico**


Coaches, mentors and creators both online and offline

Business and Organizational Development Consultants

Anti-racism educators, DEI and JEDI experts

Spiritual mentors and healers on a journey of decolonization

Facilitators, speakers, authors

Lawyers and financial advisors

Website designers, sales strategy experts

CEO Circle Mastermind




  • $3,000 Pay in Full (Save $594!) + 1 Additional VIP Coaching Session! 
  • 6-Months of the Group Coaching Mastermind with a monthly love seat!
  • Voxer/Whatsapp Voice memo private coaching Mon-Wed
  • Free access to the Speak to $cale course

VIP + CEO Circle Mastermind




  • $8,000 Pay in Full (Save $994!) 
  • 6-Month VIP Consulting + Mastermind
  • 2 hours of coaching per month + partnership to support your launches
  • The Monthly Mastermind and access to the Speak to $cale course

Join my Diverse and Inclusive Community 


I discovered the type of lawyer I want to be and my deep values around how I show up for my ideal clients. Adopting the Do.Ditch.Delegate. framework shifted my mindset from micromanager to delegator! Now, I use my time to make money instead of trying to figure out all the tech. I started the program in March having made only 21K in my new legal business. By October I had reached 120K! Since then my firm has more than doubled its revenue and I continue to work with Brigette as my strategic advisor and coach. She has played an integral role in my success as the CEO of my own firm. I highly recommend her to anyone wanting to create more impact and grow their business bottom line in a totally ethical and aligned way.

Heather Hoekstra Attorney

I built my capacity to scale and serve more clients with more freedom. I broke free from scarcity, pinching pennies, and the toxic productivity I was steeped in. Brigette helped me unpack white supremacist management culture. I feel at ease with difficult conversations around power, privilege, and cultural dynamics.

I appreciated how we moved through a conflict, found common ground and strengthened our relationship. Brigette is a great coach and advisor. She tells it like it is, gives direct feedback, and is compassionate without coddling fragility.

She supported me in working through my blocks consistently and had the tenacity to hold me accountable to move through them together.

I highly recommend Brigette if you are looking to scale your business with deep integrity
and a commitment to your core values.

Tara Jenkins CEO and Founder at Conscious Revolution

Brigette has built an incredible community of people who are working to make a real difference in the world and care about equitable social impact. I raised my rates and signed 3 new clients. I also finally launched a scalable group program. Brigette really models how to do sales with integrity. I practiced and internalized her framework and it really works! The program is a no-brainer. You get all the pieces you need to take your business to the next level. She truly is a loving warrior coach and brings compassion and no BS coaching to help you overcome your limiting beliefs and take action to build a profitable and sane business model that matches your core values and vision.

Nadia de Ala Leadership Coach for WOC in Tech

I had an immediate shift in mindset about my business and my role as CEO. After completing the program, I was able to scale my business and grow my team. I went from earning $2-4K per month as a solopreneur to having a team of 6 and bringing in $9-10K per month. We shifted from doing random projects to 4 steady monthly clients and a group program for entrepreneurs. Brigette saw something bigger and opened my eyes to a greater vision plus a plan to put it in place and reach the goal!

Melanie Albright CEO of Bright Moments

“Brigette helped us crystallize and transform the unknown. We were ready for major growth and needed a partner to hold us accountable. We learned to define our unique value, dramatically increased our prices, and stopped doing low price point offers. We built our salaries into the business plan for the first time and phased out what was not financially sustainable. We have much stronger boundaries and had our biggest month while working with Brigette. We reached our goal with shy of 400K! It is a big investment, be prepared and be all in. Do NOT sign with another business coach before talking with Brigette.”

Casey and Caitlyn Partners in Bold Woman Brands

We needed someone who really cared to help guide us. I truly came to understand that living in a scarcity mindset doesn’t serve me or the people we want to serve. I shifted how I show up learned that I don’t need to hustle 24/7. We learned to shift out of intense launch energy into a sustainable way to uplevel. I learned to invest in myself more and we raised our prices. We also create more offers that people love. We nailed our messaging and are attracting the exact kinds of clients we want to serve. Brigette’s launch strategy and event framework coaching are killer, and we use them regularly. In just one month, we quadrupled our revenue from $11K to $40K! Brigette cares a lot about her clients and is very good at what she teaches.

Lucy and Whitney CEO’s and Co-Founder’s of Workwell

Are you a Disruptor?

We are a fit to work together if you are:

  • A coach, consultant, healer, or mentor creating massive impact
  • Disrupting toxic hustle culture and building your business around your life
  • Ready to serve more people, and build a legacy of impact and income 
  • Building or curious about equity centered business models 
  • Committed to JEDI values and disrupting systems that oppress
  • Ready to have consistent monthly income without burnout 
  • Creating a sustainable and soul-aligned plan to scale your sales
  • A bold and audacious action-taker ready for big outcomes without hustle!

Jaya Rose is a Speaking Coach. In 6 months she went from inconsistent 5-10K months to 14K a month in steady recurring revenue using my Speak to Scale event enrollment process. She was able to fund her sponsorship and social impact model!

The Disruptive Scale Framework

1. The Inner Soul Systems to $cale

Detach from hustle and toxic capitalism

Unlearn cultural coding that can block wealth and ease

Own your desires and work with dream clients

***Embrace High Ticket with an Equitable Social Impact Model***

Stop working “hard” to make great money

Spend time and $$$ on self and soul-care and have revenue for community care and funding impact initiatives

2. The Relaxed Launch Method 

Stop giving away all your f*cks and your energy

Build time for pleasure and fun into your launches

Show up boldly, share massive value and stop making it only about $ales

Have bigger launches with less mess and stress

Have a clear road map and sexy systems for your team

3. The High Impact Enrollment Event

Increase your High Impact Offer $ales

Design a life-changing high ticket "enrollment" event, challenge or workshop

Get audacious about your sales goals without extra stress

Up-level your event marketing to attract ideal clients to your events

4. Signature Events that Result in $ales 

Design a high ticket enrollment event that creates equity & access 

Host life changing events that lead to sales with zero coercion

Avoid the most common mistakes in free events

Build client discovery into your event flow

Make confident and consensual one to many offers

Enroll clients in your offer during your events, challenges and one to many selling

5. Sensual Sales that Flow With Systems 

Create a Sales Flow Systems so your team can support $ales

Enjoy easy, relaxed sales conversations over DMs or at events

Confidently and consensually make offers

Spend more time creating client results and napping

Avoid tons of sales call and help people get to YES before a call!

Create a pre-sales call process that eliminates confusion

BONUS: Do.Ditch.Delegate

Embrace a CEO mindset to create sustainability 

Stop struggling to do all the things

Avoid burnout and get radical about naps and self care

Create space for High Impact Activities and partnerships

Spend more time with family and yourself

Let go of the “I am not ready to scale” story

The Disruptive CEO Circle

Don’t wait to design a strategy and soul map to scale your time and your impact. 

I want to help you spend less time on marketing, nurturing leads and running your business operations so you can spend more time serving and doing what lights you up.

Let’s architect a powerful signature offer event that pre-qualifies and ensures that people are motivated and inspired to take the next step in hiring you or your agency.

I'll help you implement my powerful Do.Ditch.Delegate. framework to elevate your time from Hustle to CEO.

I want to help you create a sustainable and scale-able system to generate more sales and grow your business in deep alignment with your values around serving the planet and your commitment to business as a force for restorative justice and real social change.

If you are ready to invest in yourself and your team to build a Lazy Launch System and Soul Support Map so you know EXACTLY how to scale $ales, apply to the Disruptive CEO Circle.

CEO Circle Mastermind




  • $3,000 Pay in Full (Save $594!) + 1 Additional VIP Coaching Session! 

  • 6-Month Mastermind + Whatsapp/Voxer Coaching
  • 1 VIP Session with full Sales Audit
  • Free Access to Speak to $cale Course

VIP + CEO Circle Mastermind




  • $8,000 Pay in Full (Save $994!) 
  • 6-Month VIP Consulting + Mastermind
  • 2 hours of coaching per month 
  • The Monthly Mastermind and access to the Speak to $cale course

The Method and Coaching

I am a coach, mentor and strategic business advisor. I have worked with conscious, diverse CEO around the world including Indigenous leaders in "Guatemala", "Peru" and other regions of the world that have been impacted through colonization. 

Some of the work will involve coaching you to articulate your vision, values and desires. 

I will help you with systems, strategies and all of the resources you need to sell. And, we may tackle issues related to identity, power, privilege, dominant culture and supremacy.

This is not a Basic business coaching program. I take an intentional and nuanced approach to helping you scale your sales and your energy as a CEO. I support you to unlearn hustle, perfectionism and over-doing. 

I advise and mentor you to design the best system to serve more people and generate more revenue in a way that produces great results for clients without compromising quality for numbers!

Together, we will elevate your business model and leadership to sustain a culture where diverse folx can benefit from your leadership, contribute their full value and thrive in your organization and programs as you grow and serve more people!