Brigette Iarrusso

Latin American Work (Peru, Guatemala, Brazil)

  • Chicas Poderosas: Media Accelerator 
  • Indigenous Mapuche Leaders from Chile
  • Immigrant Entrepreneurship
  • Working Solutions (POC Small Business Enterprise)

Build a Local Community to Make a Global Impact

If you have a big mission, you need a powerful tribe to accelerate and support you!

  • Decolonize mindsets and leadership models
  • A return to more indigenous wisdom & balance of community 
  • Playful & curious (continuous learning)
  • Loving and fiercely loyal
  • Passionately committed to service
  • Returning to my roots (my Abuela was Taino Indian)

Core Values 

Community Connection Equity Diversity Sustainability Embrace Change

How I Work with Clients


  1. Stop trying to “figure out” ideal client and problem. GO ASK SOMEBODY!

  2. Doing things that don’t drive business or get you where you want

Draw a Circle (Entrepreneurial Trap)

  • What you “have to do”

  • Bullshit?

  • Website, social media? If you don’t know your audience

  • Make $$ “figuring” it out