Let’s Embrace Change and Get In Flow Together!

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Hello and Happy 2018!

This is an exciting time for me, and I want to reconnect with you.  I’ve got a big vision and I hope you’ll be a part of it!

2017 was filled with a lot of well….shift. And, in the midst of it, I found my flow and grew my business by getting out there and connecting people that share my purpose which is to accelerate and elevate other people.


In 2018, I’m taking it up another level and I want to create a community of people - including you – to collaborate with and create more opportunity and abundance for everyone.

I am curious about where you are in your journey. What have you designed as your plan for evolution in 2018? What are you ready to create space for and bring intention to?

I would love to share this free tool to help accelerate your intentions:

to prepare you for your

You are not subscribed to any list. And of course, I will be thrilled if you download the book and I can update you around upcoming events and opportunities.  

You are someone I want to engage with more closely in 2018, because you:

  • Are already a member of my tribe or are someone I want to get to know better

  • Live and work from deeply felt values like sustainability, social justice, equity & inclusion

  • Support and elevate others with an abundant mindset

  • Love to engage, embrace change and continue growing

My greatest passion is tuning into people and connecting them with kindred souls who can help them build their dream.  

I’m guessing you have great things to share – as an expert, a resource or a speaker at one my seminars.  Or like me, you are a lifelong learner who seeks out people that inspire you.

I’m thrilled to be launching several projects and I invite you to subscribe to my newsletter, where I’ll be sharing free gifts and upcoming events.

SAVE THE DATE: I will be delivering a high-energy seminar on Entrepreneurial Mindset for purpose driven entrepreneurs and leaders at the Impact Hub Berkeley on February 26.

P.S. One of the most exciting epiphanies I have had as a coach is that when we dare to declare a big mission, we need a big support network.  

When we are grounded, supported and inspired our impact is magnified.

What are you looking for support with? Reach out and connect with me. I would love to continue the conversation….


Brigette Iarrusso

Brigette Iarrusso is passionate about connecting and accelerating diverse purpose-driven entrepreneurs and transformational business leaders. She delivers coaching, training, and leadership development programs that empower people to initiate positive change and contribute their full value. Her work spans three continents and ten countries. Brigette’s work includes social enterprises, accelerators, non-profits, government institutions and academia. 

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