Summer is Here!

Brigette Iarrusso

Summer is Here, Let’s Get in Flow

I am incredibly excited that summer is here. I have planned a series of engaging seminars and workshops, to get you out there and connecting with like-minded purpose-driven entrepreneurs and business leaders. I am partnering with The Impact Hub, General Assembly and WeWork, to help you grow your tribe and tap into some collective abundance!


I hope you can join us to find out how can you feel less overwhelmed and do more of what you love. The goal is to focus on what really matters and get the results you desire.

Find out how you can do “less” while being continuously focused on providing great services to your ideal customers and clients. Hone your niche, nail your pitch and guarantee you have a perfect client-product fit. Sound difficult? It’s not. And, you can have fun doing it!

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Workshops with Startse Brazil in SF

I have had the incredible privilege of doing four workshops for Brazilian business leaders and entrepreneurs focusing on how to transform and disrupt traditional leadership models. I have had so much fun working with these Brazilian leaders and seeing how open-minded and  interested they are in finding new ways to work with their employees and with each other. I am always grateful to my colleagues at StartSe for their incredible support and collaboration!

We had a ton of fun engaging in hands-on team challenges to help us to break out of old patterns of leadership that don't create positive outcomes. We can all learn new ways to respond to challenges, step back from problems and find solutions in ways that are constructive and collaborative. Do you know what your people really need to contribute their full value? Are you ready to make a shift for you or your people?

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Entrepreneurial Mindset Workshops

I am excited to bring you an engaging and interactive three-hour seminar where you will make deep connections and accelerate your entrepreneurial path. I am passionate about creating safe and inclusive spaces to connect purpose-driven entrepreneurs, and facilitate them in elevating and supporting one another to reach their goals.  

This workshop will be part inspirational talk and part hands-on group coaching workshop. Get ready to dive deep and learn how to:

  • Understand and elevate your current mindset around being a successful entrepreneur
  • Authentically articulate your brand, value and expertise while remaining grounded
  • Get out of your head and into flow; embrace the perpetual pivot
  • Elevate your elevator pitch and ask for what you want, unapologetically
  • Take networking to the next level and attract people and profit
  • Have fun growing your business with a virtuous marketing cycle grounded in service and an abundant mindset

During this seminar you will engage with your deepest motivations, step out fearlessly and create a cycle of abundance that will accelerate your business to the next level while remaining in alignment with your core values and vision! 

Upcoming Workshops

June 25th Impact Hub San Francisco 
You can get your tickets here: Eventbrite for Entrepreneurial Mindset

July 18th General Assembly San Francisco
You can sign up here: General Assembly

August 22nd Happy Hour Event at WeWork Berkeley
Stay tuned for more info!

Brigette Iarrusso

Brigette Iarrusso is passionate about connecting and accelerating diverse purpose-driven entrepreneurs and transformational business leaders. She delivers coaching, training, and leadership development programs that empower people to initiate positive change and contribute their full value. Her work spans three continents and ten countries. Brigette’s work includes social enterprises, accelerators, non-profits, government institutions and academia. 

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