Melanie Albright

Virtual COO - "The Mind Reader"

Melanie is Brigette's virtual COO and the founder of Bright Moments. She visualizes the steps to take action and plan out the next great thing. One of her favorite things is playing around with and testing software. She lives in Brownsburg, Indiana with her husband and three loud, athletic, and book-loving kids. Depending on the weather they can be found at the local parks, in the back yard or at the library.

She really could work 24/7 on strategic planning and connecting the dots for entrepreneurs, but does need to recharge and sleep a few hours a day. She understands (and loves!) the freedom & flexibility that comes with delegating those never-ending tasks – and returning to the things that really light you up! For example, being able to cheer for her kids at their sports events and planning an adventure with her husband.

Stephanie Wharton


Stephanie Wharton is passionate about providing people with the tools and resources they need to thrive in various aspects of life. With an extensive background in marketing and content strategy, Stephanie's goal is to help millennial women better position themselves to achieve life-changing results. She works to help them identify potential opportunities, map out actionable steps, and collaboratively create content to actualize their professional or development goals. Her approach is rooted in leading with empathy and communication. 

Based in Austin, TX, Stephanie loves spending time outdoors, volunteering, and being a "cool" aunt.


Jessica McKain

Administrator - "The Stage Hand"

Jessica is a task completer, aka Virtual Assistant, tennis enthusiast, and a routine and systems addict. She enjoys the midwest summers, loathes the winters and shamefully eats sushi with a fork. When she’s not organizing inboxes, publishing Social Media posts, or creating workflows; her hobbies include: telling tales on her blog, hosting gatherings in her home, and holding her own in the gym. Jessica is married to Adam and they have 4 kids: 2 girls and 2 boys, ranging from 10-6 years old. Jessica is the CEO of McKain Virtual Services. 

Carly Crawford

Administrator - "The Finisher"

Carly is a tax preparer (Enrolled Agent, to be exact), lifelong theatre person, and business strategist with a penchant for cheesy carbs, cross stitching, and books of all kinds. Carly lives in Memphis, where she loves the heat and humidity. 

When she’s not making content gorgeous, updating the website, or helping to create tools, Carly is bookkeeping for small businesses, preparing and filing taxes for clients, and writing, editing, and designing content for blogs, workbooks, and ebooks. When she's got some downtime, she's reading in the bathtub, playing board games with her partner, Nikki, or stubbing her toes on things because she’s inordinately clumsy. She likes lists in threes. Carly can be found at Right-Brained Tax Preparer