Video Interviews

Our Responsibility to Disrupt the Status Quo Of Coaching- Brigette joined Brand Stratagist Jennifer Kem on her Facebook to discuss the DISRUPTION needed in the coaching industry.

Women Leadership Week - While working with the Chicas Poderosas New Ventures Lab, Brigette discusses women's expectations of themselves and how women can tune into their intuition to discover what they actually want.

Building a BioTech Startup - Brigette interviews the founders and female entrepreneurs of Fauna Bio, an innovative biotech startup researching the cures for human diseases that may be found in animal biology.

Disrupting Traditional Leadership - As part of the UnStuck School crowdcast, Brigette discusses disrupting traditional leadership models with entrepreneurs and business leaders by helping them understand how to support their teams by creating a match between what leaders and their teams want and need to accomplish.

Ignite Your Inner Queen - Brigette speaks with Sarah Liz Reynoso about diversity and inclusion in social impact entrepreneurship, particularly creating space for all kinds of people in the coaching industry and using powerful mindset tools to increase accessibility to marginalized groups. Audio-Only Link

How to Hire a Coach - Brigette speaks with the women of Doin' the Damn Thing about connecting with people that care deeply about other people, the planet, their work, and understand that entrepreneurship is a vehicle for social change.

This episode of ThoughtLeaderLife features Brigette Iarrusso speaking about creating more income and scale your impact in total integrity. 

Audio Interviews

What We Do With Love + Anger - Brigette is kind of a social impact dynamo. She once helped build a program that helped indigenous people in Peru and Mexico hold oil companies accountable. In this interview, joins the Social Impact Dialogue Lab to discuss family resilience and how love and anger go together, like chocolate and peanut butter. 

Thomas Loxley Podcast Productions Spanish-language series

Women with Vision International with Tam Luc - Brigette talks about how to help not only solopreneurs launch their service business but also disrupt the traditional way of doing business by, as she says  "disrupting bullshit mindsets and stories that keep them stuck and keep them from going all in on their business and their vision."

Joined Leela Sinha on her to discuss "What if you could use your power for good?"

What does it mean to have a social impact business?  Brigette shares with Dianne Wieler that having a profitable business means as an entrepreneur you are able to give sustainably to causes, and create positive, lasting change in our world on her Mama Put Your Feet Up Podcast.

Third Paddle Podcast with Jen McFarland - Brigette talks about disrupting traditional leadership models. She’s passionate about transforming how people and organizations approach leadership so it better reflects the collaborative environment we find outside of business. 

Print Interviews and Articles

Be a Woman Leader: Get Your Big Pants On!  - This article covers Brigette's 4-day training at Chicas Poderosas, where she trained women entrepreneurs to flow through the process of change and remain curious as they work toward their vision of success.